Sensory Integration


​What is Sensory Integration?

KidPower systematically applies Ayres Sensory Integration ®, which is a theory developed by JeanAyres, the occupational therapist and developmental psychologist who pioneered assessment and intervention for sensory integration dysfunction. Her original theory includes specific intervention concepts, principles and techniques as well as assessment of sensory integration dysfunction, patterns of sensory integration and praxis dysfunction.

KidPower has taken her research further into scientific study and functional use to broaden their scope of efficacious practice models and intervention strategies. With this increase of "tools in the toolbox" therapists are able to individualize treatment of each child to a greater degree and personalize their impact on prognosis. 



KidPower physical, occupational, and speech therapists treat a range of individuals, including those with:

                                    Articulation Disorders                                 Learning Disabilities

                                     Attention Difficulties                                Neurological Disorders

                                              Autism                                             ​Orthopedic Issues

                                        Cerebral Palsy                             Pervasive Developmental Disorder

                                    Chronic Constipation                           Sensory Processing Disorder

                                Developmental Dyspraxia                              Social Skills Difficulty

                                   Developmental Delay                           Speech and Language Delays 

                                      Down Syndrome                                Torticollis and Plagiocephaly

                              Executive Functioning Delays                         Traumatic Brain Injuries

                                     Feeding Difficulties                                     Trauma and PTSD

                              ​Functional Vision Difficulties                             Vestibular Dysfunction

Ongoing monitoring of premature and medically at-risk children

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