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KidPower is The Premiere Sensory Integration Clinic in New Mexico and is centrally located in the heart of Albuquerque, NM.​Since 1992 our clinic has provided specialized physical, occupational, and speech therapy for children up to 21 years of age and continues to broaden its vision in conjunction with changing circumstances, conditions, and needs of the children and families we serve. 

Our outreach goes beyond clinic walls and into the community, where we continue to grow our connection and involvement to further the impact KidPower has in our city, counties, and state. We are open to volunteers and students at various levels of education and experience and look forward to hearing from other providers, partners, patients, and potential connections.

​At the beginning of 2022, KidPower's ownership changed hands, and two of our own therapists stepped into new roles as co-owners. Later that year, KidPower expanded its existing location by acquiring adjoining space in the current complex and nearly doubling in size.  As a new chapter is underway, we pledge to provide a continued level of high-quality care and service for the kids and families we support in the Albuquerque Area and invite you to be a part of the KidPower Community.


“Life is a sensory experience. During every moment of our life we experience the world through our varied sensory systems. Sensory experiences drive our behavior and contribute to the organization of our thoughts and emotions.”
-Teresa May-Benson

 We are excited to announce the return of our 'Screen Free Waiting Room' activities. Family is important to us and is included in our therapeutic business objectives. We are encouraging our families to put down their screens while they are in the waiting room with their kids and try some of our fun new activities that inspire interactive and creative experiences that benefit children’s healthy development. With these activities we hope to influence more family connection and to inspire less screen time at home.

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"Life changing for us and our son. I regret this post has taken me so long to write... This would not have happened without the great folks at Kid Power! Highly recommended!"

"The therapists collaborate on sensory integration in speech, occupational and physical therapies. The summer programs are great. Auditory therapy was also helpful."

​"Intelligent, productive, and remarkable is the only way to address the process delivered by therapists and staff at this organization. Truly progressive and worth looking into."

​"I loved the experience. My son was able to walk with his prosthetic because of the great therapy he received... they are the best thank you so much!"​