The Premiere Sensory Integration

Clinic in New Mexico

parent/teacher pamphlets, treatment literature, program development manuals, and a book about Sensory Processing Disorders for parents and professionals.

​​KidPower Therapy Associates, P.C. also provides a professional service by serving as a training facility for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy students from universities in New Mexico, California, Colorado, Texas, Washington and Wisconsin. This facility hosts professional courses sponsored by the American Occupational Therapy Association, Integrated Listening Systems, and professional development programs for training towards specialty certification.

Community Support

We are dedicated to being involved in the community and raising public awareness of pediatric therapy needs. Community education activities have included participation in The Children’s Fair; in-service staff training for the Albuquerque Public Schools and Rio Rancho Public School teachers, and for the University of New Mexico Departments of Education, Social Work and Nursing; presentations at various pediatric facilities in New Mexico; and providing the meeting site for the New Mexico Family Network, which hosts monthly community/parent lectures on a variety of topics. KidPower Therapy Associates, P.C. has had therapists who have contributed to professional publications including newsletters,

KidPower's Philosophy
Our treatment philosophy emphasizes a family-centered approach to therapy that supports the child’s development and allows for maximum progress. From the initial visit, we incorporate family education and provide individualized home activities and exercise​ programs. We strive to help families articulate their needs and we support them in becoming an integral part of their child’s treatment and overall development. By providing evaluation, sound clinical knowledge, intervention in the clinic, and consultation in a variety of settings, we develop a precise picture of the child’s needs. Our goal of treatment is to help the child successfully function in all environments without therapeutic support. Wellness and family education programs are an integral part of empowering families to achieve and maintain therapeutic gains.

Screen Free Clinic

“Life is a sensory experience. During every moment of our life we experience the world through our varied sensory systems. Sensory experiences drive our behavior and contribute to the organization of our thoughts and emotions.”

-Teresa A. May-Benson

 We are excited to announce that we now have Screen Free Waiting Room activities. Family is important to us and included in our therapeutic and business objectives. We are encouraging our families to put down their screens while they are in the waiting room with their kids and try some of our fun new activities that inspire interactive and creative experiences that benefit children’s healthy development. With these activities we are attempting to influence more family connection and hope to inspire less screen time at home.Studies have shown that children who watch less TV and spend less time on screens are more likely to read well, attend longer, have higher self esteem, and choose activities that will help them be more socially, emotionally and physically fit.  Each week, American children spend more time in front of a screen than they do in school. We will also be providing educational articles and other interesting parent information about the effects of screen time on the developing brain and body. These articles include: blogs from professionals in the healthcare field, parent guidelines, and scholarly articles and abstracts. We are taking a small step towards addressing this technology epidemic, and hope that we can inspire healthy boundaries when it comes to technology.

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Alert Program® Affiliates

"If your body is like a car engine, sometimes it runs on high, sometimes it runs on low, and sometimes it runs just right"
When teachers, therapists, or parents use these  simple words to begin the Alert Program®, they enter an exciting adventure with children. The journey unfolds easily with the Alert Program®'s clearly defined steps for teaching self-regulation awareness. 

​KidPower is proud to be the first Alert Program® Affiliate! Click
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® products, make sure you use KidPower's clinic code: AP101! These credits can be used toward Alert Program® Distance Learning opportunities for our therapists and families.